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    Minh Very long Retaining can be a multi-business economical class by using a diversified ecosystem of 13 member firms addressing 13 diverse job areas: investment, technology and finance real estate property,agriculture and logistics, conversation pine.

    Minh Very long is really a top company which offers companies with options based on technologies system 4. – a expressing overall economy modern technology network, making a local community of clients and collaborators for sustainable growth, expand powerful.

    With a number of key businesses as well as other areas, the look of Minh Extended Retaining right now consists of: 01 Business.

    01 Market Committee.

    More than 13 affiliated units and nuclear companies Minh Very long Retaining Investment Team Joints Stock Organization has become steadily shaping obviously with distinct growth approaches for every field and industry of process, ready to for your orientation to turn into a multiple-business private firm operating successfully and sustainably under the kind of central governance and decentralized management.

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