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For 20 years, I was a founding member of the multi-platinum group “Midnight Star”, featured on TV One’s, “Unsung”. I have learned valuable lessons about making hit records, and this knowledge carries over into my current media productions. I am currently the CEO of African Spiritual Cinema, a division of Cooper Vision Media, LLC.
I am an independent filmmaker, photographer, and overall a media professional who likes to tell a powerful story. I strive to find the right song, the right words, the right picture, and the right shot.
I hold a B.A., in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production from the Art Institute of Ohio and most recently graduated from New York Institute of  Photography. 
I have come full circle and after performing all over the world, I felt that I needed to expand my vision further. My mission is to bring unity and healing to the masses by reviving the powerful spiritual knowledge of the Ancient Africans from Kush/Nubia and Kemet/Egypt, who were the forerunners that inspired so many later empires and cultures all over the globe.
I discovered that media is an extension of the soul; when you find what connects you with your audience, magic is created.
African Spiritual Cinema would like to connect with your soul and spirit as you seek truth and light!


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