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      The PECL/haru extension provides bindings to the libHaru library. libHaru is a free, cross platform, and Open Source library for generating PDF files. The Haru
      PDF de Haru. Introduccion · Instalacion/Configuracion · Requerimientos · Instalacion · Configuracion en tiempo de ejecucion · Tipos de recursos · Constantes
      libHaru is a free, cross platform, open source library for generating PDF files. At this moment libHaru does not support reading and editing existing PDF files and
      Formats pdf Web site mpdf1.com/mpdf/index.php Haru PDF extension Formats pdf Web site php.net/manual/en/book.haru.php PDF extension
      The HaruFont class. (PECL haru >= 0.0.1). ??. Haru PDF Font Class. HaruFont::getCapHeight — Get the distance from the baseline of uppercase lettersThe HaruAnnotation class ¶. (PECL haru >= 0.0.1) Haru PDF Annotation Class. HaruAnnotation::setBorderStyle — Set the border style of the annotation
      Haru PDF ¶ HaruDoc::addPage — Add new page to the document; HaruDoc::addPageLabel — Set the numbering style for the specified range of pages
      the PHP manual to find out exactly what dependencies are required. Missing pdf. Web site php.net/manual/en/book.haru.php. PDF extension (PDFlib).
      $doc->setPageMode(HaruDoc::PAGE_MODE_USE_THUMBS); /* show Open the result document in your favourite PDF viewer and you should see a
      PECL/haru also requires PHP 5.1.3 or newer. Installation. Information for installing this PECL extension may be found in the manual chapter titled Installation of

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